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Get Your Barbie On! Too much Pink, you think?

Here's how I see it:

It's all about the hues of Pink and we've got you covered! Make sure to use Promo Code: PINK23 for 20% OFF sitewide when you shop us. Valid through August 15, 2023.

Quite frankly, I have not really been a big fan of Pink or any color I call 'loud' :-). That does include bright Greens, BabyBlue, Orange or even Tangerine. Hmmm, all that was not for me. Give me Neutrals, Beige, Olive, more subdued colors. That's my game and maybe you can relate?

BUT, then I started to handmake these handbags - and play with macramé rope colors as they arrived at my workshop. And I have to admit, pretty quickly my color world changed!! I realized and saw how a pop of color over your shoulder can do so much for your everyday outfit! An all-black outfit... and a RED PURSE over my arm. Oh my, what is happening. I experienced first-hand how just a scarf, or a pair of earrings matching my Sierra Gold handbag, can absolutely upscale my outfit. It may be when in jeggings with a sweatshirt or may fav denims (and I absolutely love my denims).

But truth be told, it's been a color journey for me. The very first Loop Couture handbag I made for myself 2 years ago was in a classic light Stone Gray. It is an absolutely gorgeous and very classy color, versatile and rich, just perfect for my taste buds. Like I said, naturals, subdued colors are my scheme. And due to the super unique textile nature of the knitted bag, even a classic Stone Gray looks amazing and so very interesting! I am always getting comments on it when I take it out. But then time progressed and many of you took me up on my offerings of Blues, Oranges and Greens. While I hand-crafted them for you, all of these beautiful colors started to grow on me. So, needless to say, my second tester bag (no, I don't have 20 colors of my bags in the closet, I am being very responsible and try to stick with my 3.. or 4) was SUMMER GREEN! I mean, not olive, not a hunter green, not a shade of jade, no: Summer Green!! And I absolutely LOVE it, I take it anywhere I should take a big bag (Hannah Maxi size) and I even paired it with gold hardware as it creates elegance and sophistication with this deeply satisfying Summer Green.
Hand-created bags by Loop Couture

And now we are into Pinks!! With the opening weekend of the film BARBIE behind us, you might NEED a daring hue of Dusted Rose or pink in your handbag collection. I do get it, have my eyes on the Dusted Rose Hannah Maxi... but it comes in the smaller World Handbag size, too. Or choose the Dusted Rose Cellphone Sleeve, a hands-free crossbody sleeve for bare essentials - but with so much style.


Our luxury handmade bags will guarantee you a spot in the light, rest assured. With a Loop Couture, you not only carry the World in a handbag, it really is a bag like no other, period. Btw, if you didn't get our latest newsletter, sign up for specials, sales and new colors and styles:


Our Loop Couture handbags are carefully curated, thought-through as they are being made and built for you. Have us create a bag just for you, using our 40+ colors, bag strap and handle options. To finish our bags, we use a felted removable insert, which is so so popular with everyone. You will actually be able to find your phone in your bag, because it has a spot!

Sincerely yours,

Anette Kaiser-Rott

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