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  • Why are Loop Couture bags considered to be unique?
    Well, aren't we glad you asked! We obviously are passionate about our bags. But why. First, they are handmade: Knitted, crocheted, assembled with chosen handles, bagstrap and hardware, all by hand. Secondly, we source our quality materials from around the World, mostly Europe. It is a handbag made in the USA, but with materials that we hand pick from its origin. We work with small workshops in Portugal, Greece and the Baltic region and they are as passionate about handmaking items as we are. Thirdly, we offer you to create your own bag. Pick a handbag color you love, then add the bag straps, handles, hardware and a matching insert to design your very own style. If that is not unique then we don't know!
  • How long does it take for my item to be made?
    While there might be exceptions, we strive to produce and ship within 5 working days. You may choose from various shipping options at checkout. Should we experience a large volume period, such as the Holidays, our processing time might go up. In that case we will inform you via email and share the time frame. We are not a mass-producing factory, but a small workshop business, a handbag studio creating handcrafted bags that creates to order and reduces waste fashion altogether. Our bags are unique and we believe you will love your Loop Couture.
  • What if I need a gift right away?
    Great question! Some handbags are ready to be shipped within a few business days. Opt for the expedited shipping option and leave us a note in the NOTE box during checkout. If we cannot ship within your desired time frame, we will reach out. However, consider our GIFT CARD option. It is such a lovely idea, to be gifting a handbag the recipient can choose and design. You can download and print your gift card right away after purchase, or have it sent to the recipient via email on a date of your choosing.
  • What is the TeVeo Project 'I See you' ?
    More on this topic soon. We are supporting a beautiful Christian project in the Dominican Republic, named Project I See You (te veo in Spanish). Check out their website Currently we are working on a special Loop Couture charm for our handbags, handmade by the women of the Te Veo project. Stay tuned!
  • What does 'couture' mean?
    It is French for 'custom making and tailoring a high quality fashion product, mostly made by hand'. COUTURE ME, please! is an option we offer to design and produce a handbag in the colors you love, the accessories you adore and the distinct look you desire. Look around in our Shop, but if your idea of a custom-made striping or color combination is not reflected in our Online Shop, the option to "COUTURE ME, please!" is for you! You can add this option to any bag and we'll customize it for you. Please note that striping can only be done horizontally, to keep the bold look and integrity of our unique handbags. And yes, we can add 3, 4 or more colors to your design!
  • How do I care for my Loop Couture?
    This is pretty great. Our materials are very sturdy, our natural cork we use for handles and bag straps is often referred to as Vegan Leather. It is naturally water resistant and can be cleaned with a soft sponge and warm water. Our roped outer bag is actually washable. We know, that sounds crazy, but it is. Take out your removable felted insert, detach your bag strap, handles and your Loop Couture round charm and place your outer bag into the washer. Warm water, soap and a gentle to regular cycle. Take out after cycle has ended and lay your outer bag flat to dry. Depending on your climate it will take time for the moisture to be released fully. Once it is dry, re-insert your 9-pocket insert, add your bag strap handles and charm and you are good to go! Please refer to our CARE page. You will find answers about the materials we use, as well as tips on how to care for your beautiful new bag!
  • Do your handbags have bag feet?
    Most certainly! Our LC World handbags have 4 bag feet. They help balance your handbag when setting it down. It stabalizes the entire bag and keeps the outer handbag from sitting directly on the surface.
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