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There is no handbag like a Loop Couture. We pride ourselves in innovating our handmade items by collecting materials from around the globe, testing their durability, sustainability, functionality and design. We handmake every bag right here in the USA, using an ancient knitting and crocheting technique for a bold and simplistic look. A handbag is an expression of oneself and we strive for Loop Couture to be as unique as you. 

COUTURE ME, please!

'COUTURE ME, please!' is an option we offer to design and produce a handbag in the colors you love, the accessories you adore and the distinct look you desire. Look around in our Online Store, but if your idea of a custom-made striping or color combination is not reflected in our Online Shop, the option to "COUTURE ME, please!" is for you. Create a one-of-a-kind bag that is distinctly you. Just add the COUTURE ME, please! option in addition to your handbag purchase to your cart and leave us your ideas in the NOTE box at checkout. Choose as many colors as you'd like, your creativity is our fuel to create! No worries, nothing will be crafted before we have connected with you to confirm your ideas!
Colors may vary slightly. We are trying hard to portrait each color as best as possible.

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