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A Loop Couture handbag will always be unique. Our chosen look is bold and interesting, with a focus on soft rope materials and carefully selected handles and bag strap designs. Every Loop Couture is handcrafted by us, right here in the USA, and made with precision and passionate skill to ensure a durable and high-quality bag you will love!

What's Your Style? 
Elegant, Modern, Chic, Casual, Rustic Charm, Vintage, Colorful Striping or a Classic look: We have dozens of colors to choose from, mix and match, with beautiful accessories that will stun and turn heads.

There is no bag like a Loop  Couture handmade handbag. Enjoy!

Couture Me

What is Couture? It is French for 'custom making and tailoring a high quality fashion product, mostly made by hand'. 

COUTURE ME, please! is an option we offer to design and produce a handbag in the colors you love, the accessories you adore and the distinct look you desire. Look around in our Shop, but if your idea of a custom-made striping or color combination is not reflected in our Online Shop, the option to "COUTURE ME, please!" is for you! 

Easy Two-Step Process

Step 1: Shop our selection of beautifully handcrafted bags in our Shop, place the handbag in the color you love in your cart.

Step 2: Add the COUTURE ME, please! option to your cart and share in the Note Box at Checkout what you would like to see added, altered or changed. Please note: Due to the handknit technique and the design of our bags, any ribbons or striping will be horizontal.

Thank you. 
We will get in touch within 24 hours by email or text to discuss and confirm your design changes.  You will love your

uniquely designed bag!


   Welcome to the world of Loop Couture.
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At the core of our brand are unique quality materials we source from Europe and beyond. Soft nylon ropes with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, natural vegan cork from the Mediterranean and distinct accessories will likely make this your favorite bag! It would be a joy for us to craft a bag that is

- handmade for you -


We at Loop Couture agree that a handbag is not just a defining accent to your style and outfit, we expect it to be well made, durable, functional and, absolutely, head-turning-gorgeous. Treat yourself to a stunning Loop Couture handcrafted bag!




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